Integration Champions: Bringing peer-to-peer support to a new level?

When a EU-funded project comes to an end, the question is often what will the project’s legacy and long-term impact be?Achieving a long-term impact is particularly difficult for those who have not directly participated in the project. Which tools can be helpful to transfer the project’s achievements? Read more

Shaping local narratives on migration and diversity through decolonisation

Thoughts from the workshop on decolonisation at the Eurocities Integrating Cities conference in Utrecht in November 2022, by MigrationWork member Tamsin Koumis. Read more

Learning through doing: how immersive theatre helped the EU-funded CONNECTION project partners understand the migrant experience at One Stop Shops

At the final conference of the EU-funded CONNECTION project led by Eurocities in Utrecht in November 2022, one group of participants decided to do something a little different to showcase their learning. They had learned experientially by doing, and wanted to share that learning in a similar way. Read more

Zagreb’s Action Plan: A strategic approach to integration on the city level

In May, MigrationWork colleagues and the EU-funded CONNECTION partners from Turin, ANCI Piemonte, (with representatives from Asti, Settimo Torinese, Cuneo) Paris, Prague, Thessaloniki, ANATOLIKI S.A, visited Zagreb to learn about the city’s experienc… Read more

Signage in the Ragsved Civic Centre
Big purple signs show users activities they can do for themselves, for example - seek information, search the internet or fill in forms. The advisors take the backseat with discreet, transparent signs.

Cities responses to Ukrainian refugees, and the role of the “One Stop Shop model”

As Ukrainian refugees make their way to cities across Europe, cities are developing humane and creative responses to support them, and existing services are being tested and challenged. During a recent visit as part of the EU-funded CONNECTION project in Stockholm, we looked at cities’ ‘first responses’ to support new arrivals, and gained new insight into refining the ‘One Stop Shop’ model – a model which has been proven to be central to effective crisis response. Read more

The CONNECTION team outside Ristorante Al Fassia in Turin

An EU-funded CONNECTION Project : Turin Visit in October 2021

The Community of Practice in the EU-funded CONNECTION project visited Turin in October 2021. One of the aims of the visit is for representatives of cities to share challenges they face, ask questions from an outside perspective and looking at issues through the eyes of others. Read more

Visit to Athens Migrant Integration Centre

An EU-Funded CONNECTION Project Workshop: Visit to Athens' Migrant Integration Centre

The recent EU-funded CONNECTION project workshop was a visit to Athens’ Migrant Integration Centre (MIC), a model ‘One Stop Shop’ which offers a range of services to migrants including legal advice, education, social services and referrals to other specialists. The key objective of the workshop was for participants to learn from Athens how to set up a successful One Stop Shop: what are the secrets for success, and what can we learn from the challenges that Athens has faced and overcome? Read more

Group photo of the attendees of the Madrid CONNECTION meeting
Madrid meeting of the CONNECTION community of practice on pathways to employment

The EU-funded CONNECTION Project: Helping migrants into work by linking employment advice with integration support

How can European cities address the relatively high rates of unemployment among their migrant residents? Would it help if support for getting into work was better coordinated with integration services? Officials from Sofia, Tampere, Antwerp, Karditsa, Brest and Madrid, came together as a community of practice in the Spanish capital in November 2021, to see for themselves how this might be achieved. Read more