MigrationWork Trust

The Trust is a small registered charity, aiming to work with both migrant and host communities to encourage social inclusion and integration, so these processes can benefit them both. The Trust was set up by MigrationWork CIC in 2013 to be the beneficiary of the CIC’s community benefit funds. The Trust is also able to benefit from private donations.

In 2016, the Trust launched the Community Integration Awards to reward, celebrate and support good practice in community integration and cohesion in the United Kingdom. The awards focus on grassroots and local initiatives to promote the integration of communities of migrants and other residents in the UK.

The 2021 Community Integration Awards focused on the incredible ways in which diverse communities are coming together to support each other during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before Covid-19, communities up and down the country were grappling with huge challenges to integration: deep cuts to our public services, more precarious forms of work, growing inequalities, and the rapid pace of social and technological change. The pandemic has exposed and entrenched many of these issues. The 2021 awards shone a light on the inspirational work happening on the community level to address these challenges and bring people together.

Image wall of migrant community intitiatives at work

To read more about the 2021 Awards and the winners – visit the Community Integration Awards website.