To ensure that our work benefits new migrants and the communities amongst whom they settle, we aim to connect with community members and organisations, and build their views into MigrationWork’s development, via our advisory panel.

Community Advisory Panel

MigrationWork Community Advisory Panel

Six members of our Community Advisory Panel, from left to right: Devan Kanthasamy, Sakib Podgoric, Natalia Perez-Shepherd, Beatriz Fernandez, Roger Nyantou and Azar Sheibani.

MigrationWork CIC has a Community Advisory Panel which gives us valuable advice on issues affecting migrant communities, and on how to use our Community Benefit Fund. Our CAP members come from across the country and from different community backgrounds, bringing a range of experience, skills and insights. Members meet every few months and give their time voluntarily.

Our current panel members are:

  • Ali Aksoy, Director & Refugee Health Worker, Hackney Refugee Forum (HRF)
  • Azar Sheibani, Senior Lecturer Community Development, London Metropolitan University
  • Beatriz Fernandez, Mexican community activist
  • Devan Kanthasamy, CEO, Tamil Housing
  • Fazil Kawani, Former Executive Director (Integration) The British Refugee Council
  • Natalia Perez-Shepherd, Latin American House and AdviceUK
  • Roger Nyantou, Refugee Education Training Advice Service (RETAS), Leeds
  • Sandra Penaloza Rice, Co-Founder Migrants Supporting Migrants Manchester

Previous members include:

  • Arten Llazari, Wolverhampton Migration and Refugee Centre (until 2015)
  • Carmen Rojas, Head of Three Boroughs Services, Three Boroughs PHCT (until 2013)
  • Sakib Podgoric, Bosnia Herzegovina community activist

If you are interested in becoming a member of our CAP and are a first-generation migrant, please email admin at our domain name for more information.