Learning for integration

Migration entails change for newcomers and existing communities alike. People can learn to harness this change to boost economic opportunities, enhance services, revitalise neighbourhoods and strengthen civic life. Whether migrants come for the short or longer term, such learning results in a more diverse society which is also more cohesive. It is ‘made whole’. And that is what integration means.

But a city or country will achieve this goal only if everyone can contribute on an equal footing. Solutions to the challenges of integration are viable only if they help build respect, parity of esteem and equality of opportunity – within each community, and between migrants and other communities in the society where they all live.

So learning for integration is also about promoting equality of opportunity. It is a complex and demanding task. To succeed in it, communities, civil society and public authorities may need support. MigrationWork CIC offers that support.

Working with communities

MigrationWork has a particular focus on migrants arriving in the past ten years from lower-income countries. We are set up as a community interest company to make sure that our work benefits new migrants and the communities amongst whom they settle.

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