To migrate or not to migrate: that is the question. Bastian Vollmer’s new book, published earlier this year, discusses migration in the highly topical context of Ukraine, and explores the imaginations, life-stories, aspirations and life-projects of people in Ukraine through a consideration of Ukrainian migration to the European Union (EU) from the perspective of the sending-country.

Building on the existing literature and drawing on a rich variety of empirical data and field research, this text addresses migration by Ukrainian nationals into the EU, and how and why people leave or stay in Ukraine. The book also considers questions of subjectivity, the self and the construction of narratives, and contributes more widely to the significant academic and policy debates surrounding Ukrainian migration in the EU.

“Ukrainian Migration and the European Union – Dynamics, Subjectivity, and Politics” is published by palgrave macmillan (ISBN: 978-1-137-48937-1) and can be ordered from the palgrave homepage. A sample chapter from the book is also available.

For further examples of Bastian’s work, see also A Hermeneutical Approach to European Bordering in the MigrationWork Resources Knowledge Bank.