Scoping migration work in the UK


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
The Foundation is a large charitable organisation based in Portugal with offices in London and Paris.


The UK Branch of the Foundation wishes to consider options for developing further work on issues of cultural cohesion and migration. It has cultural, educational and social interests. Its purpose is to enrich and connect the experiences of people in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and secure lasting and beneficial change in their lives. Past projects it has supported in the field of migration include financial assistance to organisations dealing with the Portuguese community in the UK and Ireland and an ICAR piece of research on migrants and financial exclusion in Northern Ireland. In Portugal, the Foundation counts migration as one of its main interests. The work in the field of migration includes projects with migrant communities in deprived areas of settlement, an academic equivalency programme for migrant doctors and nurses, and the stimulation of debate through a series of conferences, research commissions, and publications.

Our Role

MigrationWork has been commissioned to provide the UK Branch with advice and scoping on migration. The report from this project will cover the context, likely developments and all relevant actors. MigrationWork will also outline possible areas of interest for the Foundation and propose the next steps to be taken. In the process of researching and writing the report, MigrationWork will interview a wide range of stakeholders and organise a detailed, round-table discussion with key players in the field of migration.