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Insight to Action Data Hub

Refugee Action

Delivered in partnership with Refugee Action, the Insight Hub uses regular surveys to report on the evolving needs of people within the immigration system and organisations that work with them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Law Centres Network Data Analysis Project

Law Centres Network

MigrationWork were commissioned by the Law Centres Network to analyse a client data-set collected from two legal advice projects, EU-Lamp and Pre-Brexit, and to speak to experts in the field to examine key issues regarding access to legal information and advice among EEA Londoners.

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Firewalling to protect

Open Society Foundation

MigrationWork CIC was commissioned by the Open Society Foundation to organize and facilitate a round table in May 2017 and produce a report on “Firewalling to Protect”. The Foundation is concerned about the human rights implications of demands from immigration enforcement agencies for access to material held and people served by statutory and voluntary organisations.

Welcoming refugees/Protecting rights

Amnesty International UK

Study commissioned by Amnesty International UK exploring the scope for building on the experience of Syrian refugee resettlement through local, participatory activity that can challenge and change public understanding and attitudes towards refugee and migrant rights.

Irregular Migrants: the urgent need for a new approach

Irregular Migrants: The urgent need for a new approach

City Parochial Foundation and Migrants Rights Network

A 2009 project to summarise and explain why we needed to look again at the issues involved in irregular migration and to suggest a new approach.

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More than Words Can Say

More Than Words Can Say

London Voluntary Service Council

More than Words Can Say – A 2009 report reviewing the use of materials translated by the BAMER outreach project, which helps migrant organisations improve their employment practices.

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Scoping migration work in the UK

Scoping migration work in the UK

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Scoping study on priorities and underdeveloped areas of work in the UK migration field.

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Suite of Casework Guidelines – Scottish Refugee Council

Suite of Casework Guidelines

Scottish Refugee Council

To review the existing casework practices and develop a range of guidelines for staff, managers and volunteers involved in the delivery of advice services in the organisation.

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Other relevant work done by members

MigrationWork’s consultants all bring strong track records to the company. Here are examples of work done by individual members – as freelancers or as staff of relevant organisations – before they joined MigrationWork.

Mayor of London

Migration patterns of different ethnic groups in London.

London Research Centre and Health of Londoners

Estimate of the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in London.

London Research Centre

Estimate of the total number of speakers of London’s top 40 languages.

LB Harrow

Harrow’s diverse communities: Migration and travel patterns.


Sue Lukes

Writing report on Change from Experience project.

European Commission

Bastian Vollmer FRSA

Clandestino-sources of data on irregular migration (2008/09).

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Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research

Bastian Vollmer FRSA

National strategies for employment of immigrants and ethnic minorities (2001-2003).

Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research

Bastian Vollmer FRSA

Economic participation of refugees-comparative study (2002-2004).