Migrants’ Access to Housing Conference 2017

Migrants’ Access to Housing conference

ARHAG / Innisfree / Praxis

The first Migrants’ Access to Housing Conference was commissioned by ARHAG and Innisfree Housing Associations and Praxis in June 2017, and MigrationWork organised it. The conference discussed the current challenges migrants face in accessing housing in the UK and the ways in which housing providers and partner organisations can work together to meet them. The conference launched a Migrants Housing Pledge for housing providers.

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Increasing the Participation of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Employment

IMPART: Increasing the Participation of Migrants & Ethnic Minorities in Employment

Berlin Senat / German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

An EU-wide project across seven countries, which uses peer review visits to projects promoting the employment of migrants to find out what increases the chances of them having long-term impact and how EU resources can be used more effectively.

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Other relevant work done by members

MigrationWork’s consultants all bring strong track records to the company. Here are examples of work done by individual members – as freelancers or as staff of relevant organisations – before they joined MigrationWork.

Institute for Employment Studies (ies)

Rachel Marangozov

Benign Neglect? Policies to Support Upward Mobility for Immigrants in the United Kingdom, Marangozov R, Migration Policy Institute, Oct 2014

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Sue Lukes

Developing a local authority service for people with no recourse to public funds, especially women fleeing domestic violence.

African HIV Policy Network (AHPN)

Richard Stanton

Immigration control and migrants living with HIV-new policy perspectives (2009).

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