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MiFriendly Cities

MiFriendly Cities

Urban Innovative Actions

The MiFriendly Cities project in the West Midlands has been awarded EU funding to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. MigrationWork’s role is to help migrants and refugees to devise and develop grassroots initiatives in areas where they have identified greatest need: employment, housing, health care and active citizenship.

Migrants’ Access to Housing Conference 2017

Migrants’ Access to Housing conference

ARHAG / Innisfree / Praxis

The first Migrants’ Access to Housing Conference was commissioned by ARHAG and Innisfree Housing Associations and Praxis in June 2017, and MigrationWork organised it. The conference discussed the current challenges migrants face in accessing housing in the UK and the ways in which housing providers and partner organisations can work together to meet them. The conference launched a Migrants Housing Pledge for housing providers.