Writing in The Huffington Post, MigrationWork Director Rachel Marangozov presents evidence by the Institute for Employment Studies that debunks the myth that migrants take jobs and impact on the economy. The research also highlights just how dependent some sectors are on migrant workers, and just how much labour supply to these sectors could now be under threat from Brexit.

New research by the Institute for Employment Studies has found that these employers show no intention of targeting or favouring foreign-born workers over UK-born workers when recruiting. Indeed our report for the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that nationality had little bearing on employers’ recruitment decisions.

This runs contrary to the argument that employers, particularly at the low-skilled end, recruit migrants at the expense of UK workers. The majority of employers we surveyed said UK workers are just as likely to secure employment with them as foreign workers.

Instead of ‘taking jobs’, therefore, the research suggests that migrant workers are in jobs that UK workers are either unwilling or unable to do.

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