Eurocities, the network of European cities, has published toolkits on four aspects of migrant integration with the support of Migrationwork:

  • enhancing public perception of migration and diversity;
  • reflecting and managing diversity in public administration and service provision;
  • activating and enhancing participation in diverse neighbourhoods; and
  • promoting political participation of migrants through local consultative bodies.

The toolkits are the outcome of the Implementoring project, which brought together 14 European cities to address implementation gaps in migrant integration policies and practices. Financed by the European Integration Fund and facilitated by a team of MigrationWork consultants, the cities identified policy gaps they wished to address and grouped themselves around each theme, with some cities acting as mentors.

Each toolkit contains a series of benchmarks, key factors for success and a series of simple questions to guide city authorities towards that standard.

Read more about the project and find links to the toolkits on our project page.

The implementoring toolkits continue a series begun under a previous Eurocities project, Mixities, which included three further toolkits on:

  • anti-discrimination policies
  • promoting cultural diversity
  • introductory and language courses