A grant of £10,682 has been awarded to Elder Rahimi Solicitors, working in partnership with the Howard League for Penal Reform, for a three month project. The grant will fund research into the treatment by statutory agencies of children and young people who are recognised as refugees, asylum seekers, trafficking victims, and those who are separated from their parents or who have been granted discretionary leave to remain and who are in the criminal justice system. The research will be conducted with a view to identifying potential challenges including with reference to the Qualification Directive, general penal policy and Equalities duties.

A grant of £9,638 has been awarded to Harrow Law Centre for a three month project. The grant is to fund the Law Centre, working with other local voluntary and community groups, to undertake research into schools’ compliance with their statutory equalities duties towards children across four London boroughs. The work has a particular focus on asylum seeking and refugee children, and is to be undertaken with a view to developing a challenge which would result in a benchmark for equality standards in schools.

A grant of £8,330 has been awarded to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) for a four month project. This is to develop a challenge to the Immigration Rules which do not allow for the parents of children recognised as refugees to be admitted to the UK as family members, while allowing for the admission of the children of adult refugees.

A grant of £17,716 was awarded to The Public Law Project (PLP) for a six month project. This is to gather evidence from across the country about local authority practice in supporting asylum seeking families that have no recourse to public funds and are not allowed to work and are destitute as a result. PLP will work with voluntary sector agencies to facilitate and develop challenges to unlawful practice.

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