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Director Rachel Maragozov speaking at the Migration Policy Institute in Brussels

On the 25th January 2019, MigrationWork Director Rachel Marangozov will be speaking at the Migration Policy Institute’s event: “Building the Foundations for Inclusion: What Does the Future Hold for Immigrant Integration in Europe?” in Brussels.

This meeting will highlight lessons from MPI Europe’s flagship Integration Futures initiative, which seeks to develop creative and strategic approaches to addressing today’s toughest integration challenges—and to better plan for those around the corner.

The meeting will consider three questions in particular:

  1. How has the landscape of integration policymaking shifted, and how can policymakers build a sense of common ground in this state of flux?
  2. What challenges and opportunities could future economic, social, technological, and demographic trends create for integration?
  3. What are the most promising new innovations to help integration officials solve entrenched integration challenges in an age of populism?

More information can be found on Migration Policy.

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