Anyone wishing to apply for a grant from the Strategic Legal Fund for Refugee Children and Young People must submit their application by Monday 22 October 2012.

Applications must be made either by specialist level advisers working in not-for-profit organisations, or by legal aid solicitors. We also welcome applications from legal representatives working in partnership with voluntary or community organisations because they may

  • know of problems that can be tackled by legal challenges
  • identify young people or children who may be able to bring cases
  • assist in evidence gathering

The SLF will fund:

  1. Pre-litigation research to enable the development of a case. This includes
    • gathering evidence about the impact of government practice or policy or the way in which this is being implemented
    • a review of relevant law
    • the identification of a case on which to base a challenge
  2. Interventions by third parties, such as NGOs, in court cases, to ensure that key strategic points are made to widen the narrower focus on issues specific to the individual case.

We fund work in a range of human rights and social welfare law areas that affect asylum-seeking and refugee children and young people including: asylum, immigration, community care, housing, education, discrimination and health. The SLF will not fund casework, advocacy, or other work for which legal aid funding is available.

Find full details on how to apply or download the leaflet or latest Bulletin for more information.