Migration contributes to London’s growth and the capital benefits

London benefits from migration, Migrationwork’s Richard Stanton and Sue Lukes wrote in London’s Evening Standard yesterday. But to realise its full potential, they argue, the right conditions are needed, not the draconian measures of the Government’s new Immigration Bill. Read more

Another week another visit!

This week, Dublin is visiting Rotterdam, focussing on participation in diverse neighbourhoods. Read more

City-to-city mentoring well underway

Two city-to-city visits are currently underway as part of the Implementoring project, facilitated by MigrationWork members. Read more

Athens and Oslo in Italy!

City-to-city visits, as part of the Implementoring project facilitated by MigrationWork members, are currently underway in Italy. Read more


MW presentation in Riga

Eurocities Working Group on Migration and Integration invited MigrationWork Chair Richard Stanton to introduce discussion on ‘Integration paradigms: taking the debate forward’. Read more

Two grants awarded in March

In March 2013, the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants awarded two more grants to successful applicants: £10,000 to Southwark Law Centre and £20,000 to the AIRE Centre. Read more

New MW Trust now a registered charity

The MigrationWork Trust, officially established on 24 February, has today been granted charitable status! Read more

Employing migrant workers

Whilst debate continues about people migrating to the UK for work, a new CIPD report shows employers are still keen to hire them. MigrationWork members consider the implications. Read more


Now a member of the TandemPlus European Network

MigrationWork has just been accepted by the TandemPlus European Network as its first UK partner. Read more

Evelyn Oldfield Unit

MigrationWork at the EOU

We are excited to be attending the Evelyn Oldfield Unit AGM on Wednesday 17 October, International Poverty Day. Read more

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Migrant Voices in the Future of Our Cities

Organised in June 2012 by MigrationWork CIC in collaboration with Praxis, this event for migrants, refugees, community activists, local government officials, academics, community artists and many more, looked at ways in which the ideas and the adaptive skills of migrants can be used to reshape our cities for the future. Read more

Positive independent evaluation of the SLF

The SLF is about to come to the end of its pilot period, and now has the results of an independent evaluation commissioned by the funders. The evaluation was very positive, and recommended seeking additional funding to continue the work and develop the model. So we are doing that, and also looking to extend the scope of the Fund to cover all migrant children and young people, not just refugees. Read more

Deadline for SLF applications announced

Monday 22 October is the cut-off for applications for grants from the Strategic Legal Fund for Refugee Children and Young People. Read more

“A wonderful day: refreshing and passionate”: Migrant Voices in the Future of Our Cities event

Following months of preparation, this interactive solution-seeking event, organised by MigrationWork in collaboration with Praxis, was deemed a whole-hearted success by all who attended. Read more

Three grants awarded in June

Almost £30,000 worth of grants have been awarded by the Strategic Legal Fund for Refugee Children and Young People (managed by MigrationWork) this month. Read more