The Conservatives’ 100k net migration target is an act of self-harm

The Conservative manifesto pledge to cut net migration to less than 100,000 a year along with an end to freedom of movement from the EU will ultimately make it difficult to recruit skilled and unskilled labour from any other country. The target is arbitrary, costly and an act of economic self-harm, says Rachel Marangozov. Read more

Brighton Table Tennis Club – Integration Award Winner in 2016
Brighton Table Tennis Club – Integration Award Winner in 2016

The winners of last year’s Community Integration Awards feature in Huffington Post

Last year’s winners of the Community Integration Awards talk about ping pong, integration and Brexit. Read more

The Guardian: Brexit could make NHS shortage of nurses worse

Whatever form Brexit eventually takes, it could well lead to a reduced supply of labour from the EU. Given the current uncertainty around the status of EU workers, many EU nurses may voluntarily choose not to take up positions in the UK. Read more

Rachel Marangozov discussing integration for all, not just for newcomers
Rachel Marangozov discussing integration for all, not just for newcomers (Source:

Interim report into integration of immigrants

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Social Integration has launched its first report into how the UK’s immigration system could more effectively promote integration. MigrationWork Director Rachel Marangozov was an adviser, providing input for the report. Read more

The Continuing Shame of Europe: Discourse on Migration Policy in Germany and the UK

A new article by MigrationWork Director Bastian Vollmer considers the problem of ongoing deaths at the EU external borders and offers an explanation for how this ‘shame of Europe’ has emerged and why it may still continue to exist. Read more

Migrants Don’t ‘Take Jobs’ And Many Sectors Would Struggle Without Them

MigrationWork Director Rachel Marangozov presents evidence by the Institute for Employment Studies that debunks the myth that migrants take jobs and impact on the economy. Read more

Immigrants told to leave UK face huge hike in fees to appeal decisions

Jo Wilding highlights how fee increases for Immigration and Asylum Chambers potentially deny access to justice to people who have been told they need to leave the UK. Read more

MW Chair gives keynote at Amnesty International UK - Refugee Summit 8-9 July 2016

Richard Stanton from MigrationWork CIC spoke at the Amnesty International UK inaugural Refugee Summit, sharing research on whether and how local, participatory activity can change understandings and attitudes towards refugees and migrants. Read more

Ukrainian Migration and the European Union – Dynamics Subjectivity and Politics

To migrate or not to migrate: that is the question. Bastian Vollmer’s new book discusses migration in the highly topical context of Ukraine. Read more

Community Integration Awards Launch Party

The Community Integration Awards launched at the vibrant Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey! Read more

Rachel Marangozov: “The Argument that EU migrations are a burden to our welfare system is unfounded.”

The true cost of ‘welfare tourism’

MigrationWork’s Director Rachel Marangozov questions evidence about existence of ‘welfare tourism’ and finds it lacking. Read more

Community Integration Awards – Making Migration Work

Launched: Community Integration Awards 2016 + Launch Event

MigrationWork Trust proudly presents the Community Integration Awards 2016 – a new initiative celebrating examples of good community integration and cohesion in the United Kingdom. Read more

My family and other bad migrants

MigrationWork’s Director Sue Lukes spoke at TEDxEastEnd and, drawing on her own family’s personal history of the Holocaust, reflected on the idea of “good” and “bad” migrants then and today. Read more

Quality of legal services for asylum seekers

The Solicitors Research Authority has published new research on the quality of legal advice provided to asylum seekers. MigrationWork CIC was one of the research partners. Read more

UTC Mannheim, 17-19 February 2016

Richard Stanton at the Urban Thinkers Campus

MigrationWork CIC’s Chair Richard Stanton gave an ‘impulse’ keynote talk at the UTC Mannheim in Germany on 18 February. Read more