Rachel Marangozov: “The Argument that EU migrations are a burden to our welfare system is unfounded.”

The true cost of ‘welfare tourism’

MigrationWork’s Director Rachel Marangozov questions evidence about existence of ‘welfare tourism’ and finds it lacking. Read more

Community Integration Awards – Making Migration Work

Launched: Community Integration Awards 2016 + Launch Event

MigrationWork Trust proudly presents the Community Integration Awards 2016 – a new initiative celebrating examples of good community integration and cohesion in the United Kingdom. Read more

My family and other bad migrants

MigrationWork’s Director Sue Lukes spoke at TEDxEastEnd and, drawing on her own family’s personal history of the Holocaust, reflected on the idea of “good” and “bad” migrants then and today. Read more

Quality of legal services for asylum seekers

The Solicitors Research Authority has published new research on the quality of legal advice provided to asylum seekers. MigrationWork CIC was one of the research partners. Read more

UTC Mannheim, 17-19 February 2016

Richard Stanton at the Urban Thinkers Campus

MigrationWork CIC’s Chair Richard Stanton gave an ‘impulse’ keynote talk at the UTC Mannheim in Germany on 18 February. Read more

How does the UK decide who gets asylum?

MigrationWork Associate Jo Wilding explains in a guest post at “The Conversation”. Read more

Coming soon: Community Integration Awards

In preparation and coming soon: the Community Integration Awards by MigrationWork!

Briefings: “Integration Up North”

MigrationWork worked with Migration Yorkshire and local authorities in the area on “Integration Up North” to develop or improve their strategic planning on migration related issues. Read more

Integration toolkits launched

Four new toolkits to help cities with migrant integration have been published by Eurocities, with the support of Migrationwork. Read more

MigrationWork has a new admin and a new telephone number

Bella Kosmala joins MigrationWork as our new administrator. She’s available Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00-15:00, on our new main telephone number: +44 (0)7827 817 344. Read more

Labour migration from the EU in hard times

What are the impacts of labour migration on the UK labour market and public services? Rachel Marangozov weighs up the evidence. Read more

Migration contributes to London’s growth and the capital benefits

London benefits from migration, Migrationwork’s Richard Stanton and Sue Lukes wrote in London’s Evening Standard yesterday. But to realise its full potential, they argue, the right conditions are needed, not the draconian measures of the Government’s new Immigration Bill. Read more

Another week another visit!

This week, Dublin is visiting Rotterdam, focussing on participation in diverse neighbourhoods. Read more

City-to-city mentoring well underway

Two city-to-city visits are currently underway as part of the Implementoring project, facilitated by MigrationWork members. Read more

Athens and Oslo in Italy!

City-to-city visits, as part of the Implementoring project facilitated by MigrationWork members, are currently underway in Italy. Read more